Rest and Re-Center: 6 Health Trends That Help Both People and Pets

Our pets are our family, so it’s natural to ask whether treatments that work for us can help them – and vice versa!

I personally, love massage and reiki. I have used acupuncture for myself, but never my pets. After researching these various methods, I am excited to give some of them a go!

I encourage you to consider something to help you and your family to de-stress this year.

Check these cool ideas out:


It may sound ouchy, but acupuncture has been soothing pain in both humans and animals for thousands of years. Tiny needles activate the central nervous system, releasing chemicals that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. Developed in China, this ancient, and often pain-free practice is used to provide relief for pain, inflammation and more.


OH YES, this feels so amazing because it releases “feel good” endorphins into the body and reduces the stress hormone cortisol by up to 53% in humans. Dogs and cats probably enjoy it, too, since their physiology is so much like ours. No wonder they love been petted! Look for a certified or veterinary-recommended pet massage therapist, or you can even take a course to learn to sooth your own pet with massage.

Cold Laser Therapy

I know, it certainly doesn’t sound calming, but its low levels of light stimulate healing, providing relief from pain and inflammation. It is a relatively new therapy used to ease arthritis, soft tissue injuries and to promote wound healing.


This is an ancient form of Japanese healing that that promotes relaxation through gentle touch, lessening the impact of stress in both people and pets. Feelings of peace, security and wellbeing follow this “laying on of hands,” according to people who have experienced it, and pets seem to be calmed by the quiet, gentle touch as well.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses the mood-lifting power of music to stir feelings of well-being. Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine discovered that music helped reduce the nervous shaking, barking, and heart rates of shelter dogs. What’s the best music to sooth your anxious dog? Reggae and soft rock worked in shelters, and classical music helps calm dogs, too!

Soothing Shinrin-Yoku

Also called Forest Bathing, time spent in nature can boost your mood and relieve stress, strengthening your connection with nature and with the dog at your side. Studies suggest that canine cortisol levels of shelter dogs were reduced under a Shinrin-Yoku protocol, too. You certainly can see the bounding joy dogs show when hiking in nature, and their happy hours of relaxation afterward.

Remember, as always, check with your pets medical professional to make sure any of these methods are suitable for your pets health and wellness.

Please remember to take time to enjoy the journey!

Welcome 2022, let’s get this started!

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