Jodi Ross, Founder

Hello Pet Lovers!

At Pawsitive Landing Project, we believe that all animals deserve their happily ever after so we offer a vital community where animal shelters, rescues and small pet businesses can connect. Here, we can magically support underserved organizations and make a difference to their communities.

My personal journey began in 2013 when I met the founder of a small pet pharmacy that wanted to give back to animal rescues and shelters. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could you possibly donate 100% of your profits? I became a dedicated volunteer on the project. My role was to contact all the animal shelters and rescue groups I could find in the USA and ask them if they wanted money…. Yes, seriously. This role grew to head of marketing and I had the pleasure of connecting with a lot of really cool people along the way.

That pharmacy was Pet Rescue Rx. Together, as a small team, we grew that business over a period of almost 8 glorious years. We donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to grateful animal shelters and rescue groups across the US. Sadly, we had to close our doors in early 2021, but we still feel like we won. We gained a loyal customer base and developed relationships with animal groups that will last a lifetime.

That brings us here, Pawsitive Landing Project. I created this group based on a love and passion for what we had been doing and I wanted to find another way to keep the momentum going. This project, will evolve as we discover our path. Ultimately, we want to continue to support animal groups, but in addition to that we want to give attention to the smaller pet business owners out there.

I believe we can work together and make a difference in our communities. Lets have fun with this project and help friends along the way.


Dr. Glenn Buckley, DVM
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