Halloween Fun and Fumbles with our Pets

Halloween has become a huge tradition and is shared by kids and adults alike. 

If everyone is enjoying the evening then certainly our pets may be a part of the fun.  

Here are a few things that you may consider this Halloween to keep your pets safe and happy. 

Part of the tradition is to be scared. If not by the costumes then maybe the haunted hay ride or any event which there is an element of surprise.  

As humans, we know what is going on but our pets will not understand all the different sights and sounds and this may be very upsetting to them. 

It is advised to leave them at home when you go out for the evening.  

Remember a scared dog is a confused dog and a confused dog may sit and shake or hide but they also may run away.  This may result in them getting lost or suffering serious injury.


Also part of the tradition.  That is a big no, no for our pets.  

Many already know that chocolate can be toxic to dogs but all candy could possibly cause them to experience vomiting and diarrhea. 

Also, some candy contains Xylitol, the artificial sweetener.   Xylitol, even in small amounts can be toxic.   

Keep that candy bowl up HIGH!  If you think you have it high enough just move it a little higher.

I have been told stories over the years by dog owners who were just amazed their pet was able to get the bowl when they thought it would be safe.

PRO TIP:  The refrigerator is one good option.


Be mindful of costumes and any parts which a dog or cat may ingest. 

Dogs will eat anything and think about it afterward.  Food or nonfood item it does not matter.  

Cats like strings and ribbons, small things that roll or make noise.   These have the potential to become gastrointestinal issues and cause a blockage in the intestine or stomach. 

Also more people are dressing their pets in costumes and it is important to remember that a pet is like a two year old child. 

They need to be watched!  

Their costumes could become tangled, ingested or cause other injury.  If they do not seem to enjoy wearing the devil horns you bought for them I would just pass on it altogether.  

Be safe and give your pets some extra brushing and loving.  They deserve it.


If your pet does get into something and you find they become ill, please contact your vet and let them know what has been ingested.

Or contact:


(855) 764-7661

If you your pet has an accident in the house following all the excitement and stress, I highly recommend using a cleaning product that is environmentally friendly and family safe. I have had great experience using any of the products at tackletinkle.com. This is a small family owned business and I love supporting them.

Have some fun, but please keep your Pet Safe this Halloween Season!

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