Firework Safety and Pets

The summer holiday season is upon us! This year many of us are hitting the road and traveling to see family and friends.  Fourth of July and Fireworks are fun, but pet parents around the world agree, they are also our worst nightmare! As we prepare for the largest fireworks display of the season, weContinue reading “Firework Safety and Pets”

Pet-Friendly Plants, From House to Patio

With spring fully sprung and the lovely weather on the way, my family and I are looking forward to spending long hours in the yard outside our home. Many of my houseplants seem to enjoy the jump from house to outdoors.  There really is no need to spend extra dollars on potted annuals to decorateContinue reading “Pet-Friendly Plants, From House to Patio”

Interview With our Founder

At Pawsitive Landing Project our number one priority is shining a light on the amazing animal shelters and rescue groups as well as small businesses in the pet industry. Thank you to our friends at We Heart Hounds for taking the time to speak to us about our mission and support us on our journey.Continue reading “Interview With our Founder”

Rest and Re-Center: 6 Health Trends That Help Both People and Pets

Our pets are our family, so it’s natural to ask whether treatments that work for us can help them – and vice versa! I personally, love massage and reiki. I have used acupuncture for myself, but never my pets. After researching these various methods, I am excited to give some of them a go! IContinue reading “Rest and Re-Center: 6 Health Trends That Help Both People and Pets”

Halloween Fun and Fumbles with our Pets

Halloween has become a huge tradition and is shared by kids and adults alike.  If everyone is enjoying the evening then certainly our pets may be a part of the fun.   Here are a few things that you may consider this Halloween to keep your pets safe and happy.  Part of the tradition is toContinue reading “Halloween Fun and Fumbles with our Pets”


I was reading a recent post on the Pet Poison Helpline (PPH) regarding the dangers of human medications and our pets.  The report stated approximately 50% of the calls the Pet Poison Helpline receives are from concerned pet owners who believe their pet ingested one or more of their personal medications.  This does happen.  IContinue reading “TOP 5 HUMAN MEDICATIONS POISONOUS TO PETS”

Why Does My Dog Roll In Stinky Stuff?

Rolling in stinky stuff, chasing his/her tail, reverse sneezes and eating poop! Is anyone else’s dog a weirdo or is it just mine? Honestly, I thought my kids were gross, but the doggo tops it. I asked Dr. Buckley to help me better understand why my dog has such behaviors and more importantly are theyContinue reading “Why Does My Dog Roll In Stinky Stuff?”

Blog – Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease The sweet sights and sounds of summer are arriving and I wanted to give you some must know information regarding Lyme disease in humans and pets. In the United States, Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii, carried primarily by black-legged or deer ticks. Young brown ticks often are no biggerContinue reading “Blog – Lyme Disease”