5 Simple Ways to Deal with Pet Hair and Odor in Your Home 

Can we take a minute to talk about something almost every pet parent deals with? 

Although pet hair and odors are a small price to pay to have our fluffy ones at home with us, the fuzz and funky smells can sometimes seem overwhelming!

Our lovely pets get hair everywhere. Our sofas, chairs, beds, curtains, and all corners of every inch of our homes can be COVERED in pet hair. And if I’m being totally honest, they also leave an odor from time to time! 

I know enough pet parents to know I’m not the only one dealing with this.  (I’m looking at you!)

Over the years, I’ve found some of the easy ways to keep my home as fur and odor-free as possible.

Here are a few of the things I do to tackle pet odor and hair in my home:

Tip #1: Keep your Carpets and Floors squeaky clean

Regularly cleaning your floors and carpets will do wonders for odor and hair. I really like to vacuum carpets and sweep hardwood floors daily. Okay, maybe not every day, but several times a week for sure. Making these quick chores a part of your regular household duties makes a big difference. I usually put on the earbuds and listen to an audiobook, or podcast or dance my way around the house listening to some fun music (does that count as a workout?).

One important thing to remember with pets (and maybe you have some human kids as well) be sure to check the labels of any chemicals you use to make sure they’re safe for your furry friend. Some “clean-smelling” products have pine oil or other oils or acids that can be dangerous to pets. Choose products designed with your pet in mind, like the pet care collection found at  www.tackletinkle.com. These products can also be used in the laundry room for your wash!

Tip # 2: Throw your pet’s linens in the washer. 

Does your pet have a fav towel, stuffy toy, or blanky they drag around the house and sleep with?

I have invested in washer-safe fabrics and sturdy bedding that can easily be washed. Most of the big-name brands have ratings and when I shop online for new stuff I check for good ratings. They MUST be washable if they want to live in my house and so that means they must be durable.

Pro tip: Use pet-friendly, odor-busting detergent.  Don’t forget to wash your own bed linens, too, especially if your buddy loves lounging on them. 

My favorite products are pet safe and have no odor, just the way I personally like them.  I love Seventh Generation Concentrated Laundry Detergent Liquid Free & Clear Fragrance-Free – and/or if you already have purchased the amazing pet cleaner from www.tackletinkle.com , you can just use that in your washing machine as well! No kidding!! Their Pet Stain & Odor remover will tackle your biggest stinks and stains… (even your gym clothes)

Tip #3: Blacklight investigation! 

If you’ve thoroughly cleaned everything but still struggle with odors, you may have missed an accident! A black light can help you find that hidden treasure that needs extra attention. 

Use the blacklight to investigate floors, furniture, and even the lower part of your walls. Counter-surfers may even mark high surfaces!

Tip #4: Every pet home needs a great lint brush

Lint rollers are amazing at picking up your pet’s hair.

Don’t limit them to your clothes. They are great on any fabric and furniture. I use mine over anything with fabric in my house. Sofa, pillows, chairs. They are safe, quick and easy!

If the lint roller doesn’t work, you can try duct tape for any fabric surface, pumice stone for carpeting, or a damp dryer sheet for a dryer-face fabric.

Tip #5: Check your pet for any health issues

Shedding is normal. Excessive shedding is not. An active dog can get somewhat smelly, but if the smell is strong from your pet’s skin, mouth or ears, your pet may need more than regular home grooming.  Certain medical conditions, infections, allergies or poor diet may result in shedding or odors that really need the attention of your veterinarian to check for serious health issues. Proper treatment can help your pet live better and help reduce odors or loose hair. 

Having a pet means you will deal with hair and odors from time to time. It’s part of pet parenthood. What do you do around the home to deal with hair or odors? Let me in on your tips and tricks!

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