Welcome to Pawsitive Landing Project

We believe that all animals deserve their happily ever after so we offer a vital community where animal shelters, rescue groups and small pet businesses can connect. Here, we can magically support underserved organizations and make a difference to our communities.

How do we do that?

In a recent Facebook poll you told us what you wanted to see and we are listening!

  • Shine a light on animal shelters and rescue groups.
  • Continue blog posts by Dr. Buckley and other pet professionals regarding pet health and wellness.
  • You wanted to learn about small businesses in the pet industry. How fun! This way we can find new places to shop for our fur family and support small business at the same time!
  • You also told us you are interested in some freebies and giveaways, which we will obtain through some of these pet businesses looking for your attention.
  • Finally, we will continue to post the fun loving viral videos that you’ve come to know and enjoy.

We love your comments!!

Welcome to the all new Pawsitive Landing Project!

Let’s work together as community to help small businesses as well as animal shelters and rescue groups. 

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