Let’s Make a Difference for the Animals of Saving Grace – Animals for Adoption

I had eight amazing years working in the best job ever! I worked for Pet Rescue Rx, a Pets Before Profits Pharmacy where we donated back 100% of our profits to animal shelters and rescue groups.  We donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over those years and then closed the pharmacy during COVID.  We went out on a high, but I still miss that crew every single day and what we did.  Since then, I’ve learned that even though we had a great impact on many shelters, you really don’t have to do much to make a big difference.

A small gift or donation can have a huge impact, not only on those you’re giving to but on those who share your care. A donation to an animal shelter not only help animals in need but also impacts volunteers and staff and makes them feel less alone.

In honor of the large impact of little things, I’ve decided to hold a big donation drive for Saving Grace and I’d love for you to be a part of it! I’m doing this along with members of my Working with Dog pet business community to help animals in our own community and all around the world! 

This year I will be collecting donations to benefit:

When the community provides essential supplies that keep pets fed, healthy, and happy, Saving Grace can devote their financial resources to things like:

  • more comfortable facilities
  • increased medical care

It takes a lot to provide the basics of animal care. Food, treats, towels, cat litter, and puppy pads add up to thousands of dollars every year. So, I’ll be collecting the following to donate:

Supplies Saving Grace Needs:

I created a handy dandy wish list where you can shop online. This is mostly from their own wish list, but I want to have the items delivered straight to me so we can do a great big drop-off at their location end of November!!

Let’s do this together! 

Instead of boring shipping boxes sent by mail and opened by a single staff member, it’s so much more AMAZING to fill up the Rescue’s Drop off with a BIG LANDSLIDE of presents all at once, to share the giving spirit and holiday warmth with everyone who works, volunteers, visits, or adopts that week. 

How to donate: 

Let’s keep this SUPER simple. Just jump on amazon and send any donations over!  If you want to shop somewhere else, I TOTALLY get it, just email me at hello@pawsitivelandingproject.com for drop-off and shipping details.

** We have already competed the dropoff, but please use the link below to go directly to Saving Grace’s Amazon Wish List! THANK YOU!!!

Shop at Amazon now….

NOTE: Saving Grace will also accept gently used and clean towels and blankets. If you are local in Raleigh, NC, just email me and we can arrange a pickup or you can drop them off.

If you aren’t sure if what you want to donate is accepted by Saving Grace, just email me with any questions.

The final day donations will be accepted is NOVEMBER 20th, 2022. I will drop off the supplies by the end of November and will SHARE in social media and on our website here so you can see where your donation went. PROMISE.

How to share: 

I’ll be sharing social posts, including photos of your donated products between now and then so you can share in the celebration as we grow our pile of presents higher and higher these next few weeks. 

I also encourage you to share your donated gifts on your own social media, too! Follow my posts on Facebook and Instagram, and share, or post your own pics with the hashtag #mydifference4animals. 

Let’s shower the pets at Saving Grace with pawliday cheer for the Holidays!

Reach out to me here at hello@pawsitivelandingproject.com with any questions, and be sure to tell your co-workers, friends, and family!

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